Wrongkynd is a creepy top down horror and action game in a gory and gloomy atmosphere.
It was created by Atygeek originally for the Gorejam of July 2019.
You are the archdemon Tluk'itral and have managed to enter into our universe.
You exist only to devour human beings by dozens.

2019 - Atygeek - All rights reserved

Wrongkynd est un jeu d'horreur et d'action en vue de dessus dans une atmosphere gore et glauque.
Il a été créé par Atygeek originellement pour la Gorejam de Juillet 2019.
Vous êtes l'archidémon Tluk'itral et avez réussi à entrer dans notre dimension.  
Vous n'existez que pour dévorer les êtres humains par dizaines.

2019 - Atygeek - Tous droits réservés


Download - Windows zip compressed file 985 kB
WrongKynd.exe - Windows Installer 2 MB
WrongKynd.tar.gz - Linux compressed file 526 kB
Download - Mac OS compressed file 12 MB
Download - Raspberry Pi compressed file 774 kB


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That was really fun, but incredibly hard. I couldn't get past the second level, but I kept trying for a good long time.

Really cool game, I absolutely adore the visuals especially the graphic on the menu.

A fun little game. Love the retro vibe.

Hey you, yeah YOU! Have you ever wanted to wander round and eat/pulverize innocent bystanders whilst playing as an ancient demon? Well guess what, this is the game for you!

That is the game in a nutshell, seriously. Munching on people for the sake of munching on people!

Seriously though this was really fun to play, even though I couldn't quite get to grips with timing my bites right, which led to many, many untimely deaths for our friendly neighbourhood Tluk'itral!

May you all have better luck than I at wiping out these surprisingly violent humans!

Keep up the awesome work atygeek! =)

I have a question. This game runs in a Windows executable format. Can you tell me how you made it into an executable? I ask only because I have seen several PICO-8 carts available as .PNG files, but I have no idea how to play them offline. I consider it more convenient to play offline because I only venture out to the library once a week. For a fantasy console about sharing small games, as said on their website, they seem remarkably closed off. There is no official "player" software, which I am thinking of contacting them about soon. In the meantime, though, can you help me out? (Sorry about that long-winded complaint. Game is pretty fascinating, and demonstrates that PICO-8 can create more than endless roguelikes and Mario clones, no offense to either, 'cause they are usually okay.)

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Thank you ! To run a cart in an executable format, you must have pico-8, load the cart with the load command and next export to .bin with this command: 

export nameofthecart.bin

This creates a folder with windows, linux and mac os executables . That's it !


Excellent let's play ! thank you !

Great Work! I enjoy played your gamer! awesome.

Thank you ! :)

Merci Dev, good work here. Not really my style of game but even so I enjoyed it.

Glad you appreciate WrongKynd even if it's not your style of game ;)

I do, atygeek. I appreciate WrongKynd and, most of all, I appreciate the work and effort you put into it. I admire you and Devs like you :) I really do. You guys don't have a huge corporation to back you up but you are still able to gift us with your art. Thank you! Keep going! 

I really enjoyed playing your game! The sound add something really awesome!

Good job!

Thank you ! :)

Very nice game! I liked the art style and the eerie music created a great atmosphere. The game itself was quite challenging but it was also fun, I also liked how there was a story with the demon. Over all a very fun game, keep up the good work :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Thanks ! I will take a look at that ;)

Great! :D

Good game, very challenging but fun.

Super ton jeu j'ai réussi à passer le premier niveau mais je n'ai pas réussi le second. Le style graphique est bien travailler pour un mini-jeu, l'ambiance est présente. Bonne continuation :)

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Merci :)