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That was really fun, but incredibly hard. I couldn't get past the second level, but I kept trying for a good long time.

Really cool game, I absolutely adore the visuals especially the graphic on the menu.

A fun little game. Love the retro vibe.

Hey you, yeah YOU! Have you ever wanted to wander round and eat/pulverize innocent bystanders whilst playing as an ancient demon? Well guess what, this is the game for you!

That is the game in a nutshell, seriously. Munching on people for the sake of munching on people!

Seriously though this was really fun to play, even though I couldn't quite get to grips with timing my bites right, which led to many, many untimely deaths for our friendly neighbourhood Tluk'itral!

May you all have better luck than I at wiping out these surprisingly violent humans!

Keep up the awesome work atygeek! =)

I have a question. This game runs in a Windows executable format. Can you tell me how you made it into an executable? I ask only because I have seen several PICO-8 carts available as .PNG files, but I have no idea how to play them offline. I consider it more convenient to play offline because I only venture out to the library once a week. For a fantasy console about sharing small games, as said on their website, they seem remarkably closed off. There is no official "player" software, which I am thinking of contacting them about soon. In the meantime, though, can you help me out? (Sorry about that long-winded complaint. Game is pretty fascinating, and demonstrates that PICO-8 can create more than endless roguelikes and Mario clones, no offense to either, 'cause they are usually okay.)

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Thank you ! To run a cart in an executable format, you must have pico-8, load the cart with the load command and next export to .bin with this command: 

export nameofthecart.bin

This creates a folder with windows, linux and mac os executables . That's it !


Excellent let's play ! thank you !

Great Work! I enjoy played your gamer! awesome.

Thank you ! :)

Merci Dev, good work here. Not really my style of game but even so I enjoyed it.

Glad you appreciate WrongKynd even if it's not your style of game ;)

I do, atygeek. I appreciate WrongKynd and, most of all, I appreciate the work and effort you put into it. I admire you and Devs like you :) I really do. You guys don't have a huge corporation to back you up but you are still able to gift us with your art. Thank you! Keep going! 

I really enjoyed playing your game! The sound add something really awesome!

Good job!

Thank you ! :)

Very nice game! I liked the art style and the eerie music created a great atmosphere. The game itself was quite challenging but it was also fun, I also liked how there was a story with the demon. Over all a very fun game, keep up the good work :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Thanks ! I will take a look at that ;)

Great! :D

Good game, very challenging but fun.

Super ton jeu j'ai réussi à passer le premier niveau mais je n'ai pas réussi le second. Le style graphique est bien travailler pour un mini-jeu, l'ambiance est présente. Bonne continuation :)

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Merci :)