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Nuka Gangs is a deep and fun action-RPG-strategy-roguelike game with horror and humour set in a heroic fantasy post-apocalyptic world.

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Welcome to the Lands of Aty ! A world that you can explore, conquer, and even leave by travelling in parallel universes ! Fight mutants, zombies, monsters,  and even whole realms !

Choose your character and customize it through level up in order to do what you want !

Steal spells and attacks from enemies !

Recruit units in order to create your own squad and develop great tactics !

Are you ready to live many lives ?

Features already in the demo :  

  • An Action-RPG-Strategy-Roguelike game set in an Heroic-Fantasy-Post-Apocalyptic universe ! 
  • An entire world to conquer ! 
  • Unlimited replay value ! 
  • Real-time fast-paced battles ! 
  • Travel in unlimited procedurally generated parallel universes in a roguelike style ! 
  • Customize accurately your stats to create a very unique character ! 
  • Choose your name, your squad's flag, and your squad's name ! 
  • Squad up to 16 members ! 
  • Spread of zombie infection in real time ! 
  • Explore scary dungeons in first person view ! 
  • Conquer cities or raid them ! 
  • Steal spells from all enemies ! 
  • Be good or evil, it's up to you ! 
  • Elaborate your strategy and manage your squad ! 
  • Unlimited procedurally generated weapons and armors ! 
  • 5 playable characters ( more than 20 in the final version ) ! 
  • 11 different spells ( more than 100 in the final version ) like Zombie Tentacle, Mimetic Absorption, or Cows Rain ! 
  • 6 different recruitable units ( more than 50 in the final version ) like soldiers, bandits or pyro-warriors ! 
  • 3 scary dungeons ( more than 20 in the final version ) ! 
  • 4 kingdoms ( more than 20 in the final version ) ! 
  • More than 180 territories to conquer ( more than 1 000 in the final version  ) ! 
  • 4 different battle environments ( more than 10 in the final version ) like mountains, radioactive deserts, medieval cities, woods ! 
  • Exclusive Fractal battle backgrounds ! 

 Future improvements  : 

  • Fixing bugs ! 
  • More game options ! 
  • More developed lore, background and storyline ! 
  • Better translations ! 
  • More balanced gameplay and battles ! 
  • More playable characters, units, spells, enemies, territories, environments, dungeons, kingdoms, cities ! 
  • You will be able to travel between continents in a ship !
  • And many more !

 Future features  : 

  • Build your own castle where you want, upgrade it and defend it against enemies ! 
  • Explore cities in 3D first person view ! 
  • Create new laws for your subjects, organise public hangings or prepare celebrations  ! 
  • Addition of a New Game + ! 
  • Addition of talking NPCs in parallel dimensions ! 
  • You will be able to purchase a ship in order to travel between continents ! 
  • And many more !

The "Lands of Aty" is the name of the world that you will travel in Nuka Gangs. A few hundred years ago this world had an advanced technology , but 300 years ago a nuclear war has taken place that tipped the world in a medieval era.

Then, the world was divised into some twenty realms and now swords rub shoulders with wizardry and pre-war weapons like revolvers and laser beam weapons.

Most of people had to live cloistered in cities because of mutants : Those are humans having undergone high radiation doses and they mutated into soulless bloodthirsty creatures.

In recent years, scientists tried to control and improve pre-war quantum techniques in order to discover new life form. Thanks to the development of Reality Rippers they opened portals on other universes and they met indeed new life forms but...they were...very hostile.

Subsequently, scientists were unable to control these interdimensional portals and breaches began to appear throughout the world by letting in monsters and demons from other universes. Furthermore, a virus from one of these universes spread over the Lands of Aty and it turned people into lobotomized zombies that might contaminate others...

And then the bells rang the Apocalypse...That's where you come in !


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Fun and funny demo! Pretty neat visuals and the soundtrack was nice. Good luck on your Kickstarter!